Where Have All The Flowers Gone?


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This is a reflection of Anita Street, in Ancoats, Manchester.  Ancoats is undergoing a profound renaissance, with many former mills being given over to loft living, multifunctional urban work/live spaces and artisan focused eateries. Anita Street was originally Sanitary Street, but locals objected to the aspersions in the name, and so Anita Street was born. This bright and pastel shaded oil on canvas, rendered in a palette usually more suited to the Amalfi coast, presents an allegorical scene. Set in 1916, a year when many young men were away at the front, it shows just an ‘old timer’ and a young boy to kick a ball in the street that day.

  • Edition:   Original
  • Medium:    Acrylic
  • Platform: Canvas
  • Size:      30 cm x 25 cm


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