The Cazzy Shore


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This painting captures the Cast Iron or ‘Cazzy ‘shore’ of Liverpool’s Mersey estuary, in the 19th century, at a moment before large scale industrial development changed it forever. This is a larger format canvas, which helps to project a sense of space and explores the meeting between man and nature, shore and water, land and sky and before the onslaught of iron, coal and steam. Broad, brave, arms-length strokes add to the sense of the open landscape. This painting tries to depict a time passed, without mawkishness or sentimentality. The muted palette of umbers, ochres and deep greys provides a contrast to the bright signals of the still dominant natural world.

  • Edition:   Original
  • Medium:    Acrylic
  • Platform:  Stretched Canvas
  • Size:      80 cm x 80 cm

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