A Little Party Never Killed Nobody


It’s a strange sort of party that is taking place here. Despite her potentially provocative attire, the woman in the foreground seems somewhat diffident and uninterested in any form of liaison. The seated figure in the background, sipping tea, and eating the remains of a sandwich seems even less in the party mood. Could this be the strange aftermath of a ‘liaison dangereuses? Our protagonist in the foreground holds the viewers gaze, as if to question or motivation in looking. Her companion is distant in every way, and faces out of the picture plane. The dancing colours in the walls, present a unified open, yet claustrophobic space. The void in which she is standing, plays with perspective, recalling the pits and traps of the music hall stage. Is this the prelude to some curious encounter, the aftermath of a rendezvous or an inconsequential capture of two professionals taking a break from their routines?

Edition: Original

Medium; Acrylic

Platform: Stretched canvas

Size: 40 inches x 32 inches


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